Summer Hair Care


Summer is the time for swimming, sunbathing, and making amazing memories with family and friends. Sadly, all of these amazing things come with plenty of bad hair days. From frizz, faded color, and exposure to chlorine, the environment takes a huge toll on your hair. Well, we have the tricks and answers to solve your summer dilemmas and to keep your hair feeling great all summer long.

Are you someone who as soon as you walk out the door in the morning, your hair catches that humidity and becomes a frizzy mess? Here at Split Endz, we offer the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which will make all those problems disappear. That time spent on your hair will be worth it. Keratin is a natural bi-product found in your hair and over time between the sun and over-processing, your hair begins to lose it. This treatment will restore your hair to it's natural stare. This is not a straightener, so you will still be able to wear your curls soft and bouncy without the worry. Come in today for a free consultation to find out if the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is right for you!

Has the sun, wind, and chlorine faded your hair color? We at Split Endz offer a refreshing color gloss to bring back the shine and vibrancy to your dull summer hair. Also available is the new Its A 10 miracle leave-in for blondes which protects from UV rays, enhances brilliance, reduces fading, d-tangles and so much more! When you are in the sun or water and want to prevent color fading or too much chlorine in your hair, you can use a leave in conditioner like It's A 10 or your regular conditioner and leave it in your hair to swell up in your hair to prevent any damage.

We have many more tips and tricks for your summer hair, so come in to Split Endz and let us help you restore your hair!!

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