Shop Integrity Hair Products

Shop Integrity Hair Products

Integrity Hair Care Products are based on homeopathic treatments. Ingredients such as Argan oil, Silk Proteins, Essential hair vitamins, Sunflower seed oil and Lemongrass extract are well known for their restorative properties.
Sold Online and at only at Split Endz Salon   in Broomall, PA. 19008 

AVAILABLE NOW:  Split Endz Salon in Broomall, PA > Gift  Certificates in all denominations.  Purchase ONLINE and we will have them in the mail the next day for use throughout the Year.  

Vaida C.  Skin Care Products 
by: Integrity Skin Care 

In our Integrity Skin Care Line we will be using the latest, most innovative and effective ingredients to always guarantee the very best in formulations.  We are blending incredible philosophies with technology to create skin care products that do what they promise to do!

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