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Top Hairdressers For Haircuts & Styles In Broomall Pennsylvania

At Split Endz Hair Salon in Broomall, PA we cut and style hair for women and men of all ages.  We are familiar with all the latest haircuts and celebrity hairstyles along with the classic looks that are always in fashion. Let the expert team of stylists create the perfect hairstyle for you.  
Each hair service begins with a two-minute stress-relief treatment Shampoo and massage of the shoulders, neck and scalp ensuring absolute comfort and relaxation.

Hairstyles For Women

Women have a wide variety of styles to choose from. It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long, there is a great haircut and style for women of all ages.  Haircuts & hairstyles for teens and young adults are extra fun because young women can, and should, experiment with the latest fads and celebrity hairstyle trends.  Once women find their own signature style, they tend to avoid trying to look too trendy, and stay true to their own unique beauty.  

If you love to make a great first impression, then a stunning haircut & style can easily accomplish this. Read on to learn more about the most popular hairstyles.

Short Hairstyles Hair cut & styles that are short are the easiest to maintain. They are also great if you are very active. A short hair cut & style will require monthly trimming to keep it looking at its best.

  • Crop — many textures and styles can be used with this haircut. The bangs can be swept to the side or left as is. Layering and feathering work well with this hairstyle.
  • Bob — this can vary in length and usually frames the face.
  • Wild Cut — this could also be called a “shag,” “punk,” or “emo” hairstyles. It depends on the way it is worn.
  • Spike or Mohawk — you can easily spike short hair into numerous attractive styles by adding gels or hairspray. Razor cuts are often used in these hairstyles.
  • Flippy — by just adding a little “flip” at the ends of your short hairstyle you can create a glamorous flippy style.

Medium Hairstyles Mid–length hairstyles come in a variety of styles. You can do a lot with them, and they do not require a monthly trim, unless you want it. This length of hair is very adaptable and allows you to create several hairdos.

  • Curly — whether natural or not, you can wear a curly style cut with small tight curls or long sweeping ones.
  • Blunt — this is a wonderful style to wear for mid–length hair. To be a blunt cut, all of the hairs are the same length. It is often called a “bob” or “page” style.
  • Undercut — an undercut hairstyle trims the underneath layers to add slight curls and softens the overall look of your hair.
  • Shag — you can do several wonderful styles with multi–layered shag cuts.

Long Hairstyles You can create several styles with long hair, but long hair does require more maintenance. To keep your long hair looking fabulous, you should take the critical time required to keep it moisturized, well groomed and trimmed regularly to keep ends fresh.

  • Layered — you can layer long hair with a razor cut that creates uneven ends.
  • Bangs — if you simply add bangs to your long hair, you can create a whole new look. You can wear bangs in numerous ways to change the style also.

These are just a few of the numerous styles popular with young adults and teens. One of the best places to get new ideas, for all lengths of hairstyles, is from celebrities. You can easily keep up with all of the latest hair trends, by seeing what they are doing with their hair.

Hairstyles For Men

How a man chooses to wear his hair can either make him or break him as they say. Let's face it– our hair completes our look. It is a major portion of what people see when they glance at us, notice us in their peripheral vision, or simply stare at us. Therefore, caution should be used when selecting a new hairstyle, unless you are trying to make a statement.

Trendy hairstyles typically refer to short and spiky or long and relaxed. The classic cut is always short and nicely fitted. Everything else falls somewhere in between the two unless it falls into the category of wild and unique. Wild haircuts include Mohawks, Emo, buzz cut, and faux hawk.

Short hairstyles for men achieve different things, depending on the individual‘s current looks and appearance. On some men, a short haircut makes them look younger. On others, it can make the man look sophisticated. Short hairstyles are terrific for the summer because they help to keep a person cool and comfortable.

Variations on the short haircut include adjustments to the bangs. Pushing the bangs forward is often referred to as the Caesar cut. Training the bangs to go up and back with hair gel in a diagonal style is another option. Although this is not as popular as it once was, using gel to have the bangs stick straight up is another option. A fourth option involves the use of hair gel again, only this time the hair is spiked. Only exceptionally long bangs lay flat on the forehead, but long bangs aren't found with short hairstyles.

A mid-length hair cut & style has two basic options– the neat look and the messy look. With the neat look, every hair is in place and seems to be perfectly molded to the individual‘s head, which it actually might be with the help of some hair gel.

The messy look is a bit more involved than simply rolling out of bed and avoiding a brush or comb. Many men who prefer this style opt to use a hair product to perfect the messy look. In fact, hair pastes perform similarly to hair gels. However, the paste products are less shiny than the hair gels. Plus, the pastes aren't as stiff when they dry.

Long hairstyles for men seem to be making a comeback in varying lengths despite the fact that this hair cut & style is more work. In general, today‘s long hair for men rarely goes below the shoulders. When it does, it is often worn pulled back in a ponytail. The bangs are typically worn flat or pushed to the side. However, tucking the bangs behind the ears is usually avoided.

Caring for long hair is more work including the shampooing, conditioning, and styling. If it has been properly cut, the long hairstyle is easy to style with a simple brushing after it‘s been washed. It can be annoying on windy days since it might continually wind up in your face. This is not a good hair cut & style for many professionals since some prejudice still exists against it.

Classic Hairstyles For Mature Women

Even though you may be getting a little older and may require a "more mature hairstyle", you can still be at the height of fashion. Choose from short or medium-length styles, and gray, salt and pepper or colored hues.

Bobs Are Flattering
A soft bob can flatter your face. Bobs are also incredibly versatile. They can be short or mid-length and straight, wavy, or curly.

Subtle Waves or Curls
Don't fight your natural curls; make the most of them! Lighter colors and layers can play up curls or waves.

Wash and Go Hairstyles
Older men enjoy neat, well-groomed hairstyles that require minimum styling.

Nice and Manageable
Seniors who love to travel will appreciate this wash 'n' go hairstyle.

Play Up Your Assets
Highlights can really enhance a layered cut. Face-framing highlights draw attention to eyes or cheekbones while all-over highlights tend to draw the eye away from the face.

Make the Most of Thinning Hair
Thinning hair can be camouflaged with short, salt and pepper styles.

Go Younger!
Adding a little color can take years off your appearance and give your hair a fresh, new look. Consult with your hairdresser to find a natural, flattering color.

Go Traditional
Traditional cuts never go out of style. If you favor a classic style like the pixie, shag, or bob, wear it!

Long, Flowing Hair
Love your hair long? You're never too old for flowing locks. Wear them back from your face for a more mature look.

Kids' Hairstyles

When it comes to the perfect hair cut & style for little ones, all parents want cute, easy to manage looks; cute because of course they are kids and easy to manage because again they are kids and can easily ruin any hairstyle.

Consider the children’s personalities. For high energetic young boys and girls, a shorter hair cut & style like a crew cut or bob are easy to manage, style, and less likely to get tangled and caught on something. For the quieter boys or bookworm ones, a sharper hairstyle is a better fit than say a spike even though both usually look great and for the princess girls there are an abundance of options. Parents should already know how their kids are like and should use the knowledge in selecting a hairstyle as well.


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