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Our range of Beauty Services and Aesthetic treatments

Professional Beauty Services are a key part of the Split Endz treatment menu – our beauty services help you look your best every day of the year.


Makeup beauty servicesDo you have a special occasion coming up – be it a wedding, prom, party, or even a night out on the town? At the Split Endz salon we are professional makeup artists and our makeup beauty services can make you look and feel amazing! We carry and use Carolina Cosmetics & Skincare which are all hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic and free from cruelty by means of animal testing. Infused with vitamins and all natural ingredients, Carolina Cosmetics will provide you with the most optimum results.

Carolina Cosmetics & Skincare include mascaras, eye liners and lip liners that are all waterproof and smudge-proof. The eye shadows and blush colors are the trendiest colors on the market today and the cream lipsticks are highly pigmented for long lasting wear and color stay. Carolina Cosmetics & Skincare foundations include SPF to protect you skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but yet are so light weight you don’t even feel like you are wearing any makeup at all!



Eyebrow waxing beauty servicesHere at Split Endz we are experts in all areas of waxing beauty services.  The wax that we use at Split Endz is very gentle for sensitive skin. Waxing is a beauty service that’s an art form when it comes to your eyebrows, everyone has different features that make your eyebrows unique to you. Whether you need to get bikini ready or just a simple brow or lip clean up Split Endz is able to accommodate your waxing needs.

*Please let us know of any allergy to bees ahead of time so that we can talk about other removal methods.





Facials beauty servicesBetween the dim lights, candles flickering, soft music, and the smell of relaxing aroma, facials at Split Endz take you away to a tranquilizing place.

Our most popular beauty treatment from our range of beauty services is the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial along with the Clay Mask. You can customize your visit to us by adding different beauty services that suit your needs. Please consult with the aesthetician prior to appointment of any allergies that you may have.


Beauty Services at Split Endz

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