1940’s Inspired Undercuts

1940's-Inspired Haircuts For Men

One of the most influential haircuts that now 2014 is robbing from the 1940's is the undercut. If you want the best of both worlds of having long hair yet shaved this is the style for you! The undercut is having your sides as tapered as you want and leaving the front long. This haircut can be perfect for many different styles such as very edgy to business savvy. This style is very flattering on many different face shapes which makes it great for everyone.

How To Make An Undercut Hairstyle Suit You

  • If you are a chic punk rocker you can style it super sleeked back, messy, high, or even with a part off to the side.

  • If you have a sophisticated/dapper style sleek it back like the 1940's gangster!
  • If you have more of a toned-down style you can keep it simple yet still stylish
  • Basically, whatever style you may have this haircut will work for you.

1940's Undercut Hairstyles For Women

Many women are taking the undercut to a whole new level. This haircut on a woman creates a bold statement.

If you want to do more of a subtle undercut to your long locks, you can have your hairstylist trim up one of your sides either with their shears or even clippers. With this style you can go from just a little patch near your hairline in the front to even a whole side. Usually when this style is achieved people tend to wear an extreme side part showing their wild side!

If you want to go to the more extreme of the undercuts for women to show off your edgy personality more power to you! It can be styled many different ways such as a big pompadour, messy and tousled, or even parted off to the side and smooth. The options are endless! Miley Cyrus took that plunge, and she looks fantastic.

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