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Add Length & Volume Instantly With Hair Extensions at Split Endz Salon in Broomall!

Hair extensions are extremely popular right now, not just in Hollywood but right here in Delaware County PA.  They can be used to add length and volume to any hairstyle. In fact, hair extensions are a popular choice for brides to add dimension to a wedding upstyle.  There are many ways to wear hair extensions, and we offer a full range of professional hair extensions at our Broomall hair salon!

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Let's get a little insight on the different types of hair extensions and their application. It is highly recommended that with any type of hair extensions that you consult with your stylist.  Your hair extensions stylist will answer any questions you may have, explain the different choices, and help you select an option that fits your budget and your lifestyle.  You should also plan to make an appointment to have your hair extensions trimmed to blend in with your particular haircut and style.

Here at Split Endz Salon we offer applications of clip-in hair extensions, glue-in hair extensions and Simplicity Hair Extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

The most popular type are clip-in hair extensions, the reason being that they are least costly, and you can put them in yourself or by a professional here at Split Endz. Clip-in hair extensions have to be put in daily. Prices of applying these extensions vary depending on how long it takes and whether the client would like them trimmed.

Glue-in Hair Extensions

Another way to wear hair extensions, which we highly recommend seeing your hairstylist, is getting them glued in. Our recommendation is to always get the extensions a little longer because they can be a little "endy" and need a nice trim. You should set aside about an hour or more for your stylist to apply the extensions. These should last you 4-5 days depending on how well you take care of them. Just remember with any hair extension you want to be very delicate!

Sew-ins Hair Extensions

Next are the sew-in extensions. These are a little more permanent than the glue-in and should last you about a week depending on your hair type. Using the hair that you purchased, your stylist will corn row your hair and with a needle and thread sew the hair extensions to the braided hair. This method will take a little bit longer to apply than the glue-in process.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion extensions are on the higher end of extension applications and most natural looking out of all of the extensions. To get these hair extensions you will have to consult with your Split Endz stylist. The Fusion method is melting a dab of keratin onto a small strand of hair and fusing that to the client's hair. These extensions take roughly a whole day to apply and are expensive. So, we suggest you make sure you bring a snack with you. With proper care, they last for about 3-5 months! We can order to hair for you if we don't have it in stock.

Simplicity Extensions

Last but not least is the one and only Simplicity Hair Extensions. These extensions are beautiful, safe, and fast!

What once took hours to achieve can now be done in an hour! You need to set aside time to consult with your hairstylist prior so that way they can through your reasoning for wanting extensions and the different colors and tones that you can use. These extensions will lay flat to your head so no one will know that they are even there, including you!

Your home care will consist of using the loop brush (which will be a part of your Simplicity package price), sulfate free shampoo and you should stay away from using any products with alcohol or shine serums near the attachment sites. The longevity of these extensions is about 6 weeks

  • Fast application – transformation on a lunch break!
  • No damage to the natural hair,
  • Easy to self-style,
  • Commitment free color and highlights,
  • Saves time and money,
  • Hair extensions, so comfortable you'll forget she is wearing them!

Simplicity Human Hair Extensions prices vary, to get a price a consultation is required.

NOTE: If you want the best, it doesn't get better than human hair extensions. They look and feel the most natural, last the longest and provide the most styling options.  The hair can be styled with heat tools, even colored.  The highest-grade human hair clip-on extensions are Simplicity human hair extensions. The end result, hair that is shinier, healthier and virtually tangle-free.

Synthetic Clip ins offer a price friendly option to human hair clip extensions.  Synthetic hair is not affected by the weather so it's another option for special occasions.  If you've never worn hair extensions, you may want to try them out first before investing in human hair clip in extensions.  Synthetic hair usually last less time, before you start to see wear. We can order to hair for you if we don't have it in stock.
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Private: Hair Extensions Service

At Split Endz Salon in Broomall, we offer 3 different types of hair extensions to suit your style and your budget.  With any of our hair extensions services, a detailed consultation is required so that we can order the correct hair type in the correct color.  We will answer any questions you may have and discuss the different levels of upkeep and financial commitment required in order to match you with the right type of hair extensions.

Simplicity Hair Extensions

simplicity_hair-extensions-before_&_after_2Simplicity Hair Extensions, the newest and easiest form in semi-permanent hair extensions, can be applied to a full head in one hour!!

These extensions use a special adhesive that bonds the hair to your natural hair. This hair is unique because you can reuse the hair when you come back to the salon to get them removed and cleaned.

As with any of our hair extensions services, a detailed consultation is required so that we can order the correct hair for you and your needs.

Simplicity Hair Extensions will last you around 4 to 6 weeks before your next visit. Just like with hair color and regrowth, as your natural hair grows in you will develop a root and the hair extensions will become visible.  Taking the extensions out will allow us to reapply them for a natural seamless look!  When you come back to get them removed, new adhesive can be applied and extensions will then be ready for use.

socap hair extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions are made with Remy human hair, which means all the cuticles run in the same direction, it blends beautifully with your own natural hair with no tangles. These particular extensions are great for adding length and body to your hair. SO.CAP.USA’s hair retains its cuticle layers so they’ll look natural through 3 to 6 months of wear.

Applying fusion hair extensions requires extra skill and steady hands. The hair extension is applied by warming its bond with low heat so that is fuses to your own hair. Removing fusion hair extensions requires a similar process.

They are designed for clients who are willing to perform daily maintenance on their hair… they are NOT easy wash and style hair extensions.

Glue-in or clip-in Hair Extensions

At Split Endz Hair Salon in the Broomall Springfield, area, we also cater to the client who wants affordable hair extensions for a one-night event, or just wants to experiment with hair extensions and see how they would look with long full hair.

For this type of client, we have two options; glue-in (also called tape-in extensions) or clip-in extensions.

If a client already has hair extensions, we can apply them.  Or we could order the hair extensions in the ideal color after a brief consultation.  In any case, we recommend that the hair be 100% Natural Remy hair so that the hair can be flat ironed or curled to blend in with your own hair.

The clip-in extensions use the same hair as the glue-in but require a little more work because the client will have to buy clips and sew them onto the ends of each extension. The advantage of the clip-ins is that they can be put in and taken out of your hair as much as you want.

For more info read our Hair Extensions Tips and Types of Hair Extensions.

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