Perms & Hair Straightening

Best Curly Hair Salon In Broomall Pennysylvania

At Split Endz Hairdressers in Broomall Pennysylvania, we can help you achieve virtually any texture to your hair that you desire - curly, wavy, straight or sleek.

We can wrap tight or loose perms depending on what your needs and wants are. If you would like a small tight curl we can achieve that sort of a look for you, and if you want to have a longer looser more wavy curl, something more for body, we can do that for you as well...just call us and set up a consultation if you have any concerns.

Hair Smoothing Experts At Split Endz Hairdressers In Broomall

At Split Endz we can transform curly frizzy hair into smooth, sleek, and make it easier to wear straight hair if desired. We offer a few different hair straighteners depending on your hair type and what kind of result you may like. All of our chemical straighteners require a consultation prior to booking an appointment so we can book enough time and make sure your time here is enjoyable.

When clients come to Split Endz who may not want to use a chemical straightener because they don't want to be poker straight they just want to calm their hair down a little bit and would like to de-frizz their hair they might be interested in our Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Our Brazilian Keratin Treatment works wonders on all hair types, whether your hair is straight or curly this treatment is meant more for making it easier for a client to dry their hair smoother and frizz free themselves. I know you have probably heard of the Brazilian Treatment, but please call to find out much more and set up your consultation today!



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