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Hair color is a service that is very individual so at Split Endz Salon in Broomall, PA  Delaware County, we train our staff in the most advanced coloring techniques, like ombre hair and balayage, so that we can create the best hair color just for you.

We are part of an elite club of “A list” hair color technicians. Our Stylists and Colorists are highly educated in hair color technique and are among the best in  Delaware County, PA. Our staff goes through intensive Matrix and Logics hair color education, which prepares our staff for the chemistry and psychology of hair color and hair color correction. We have more stylists with the Matrix Hair Color Academy than any other salon in the area. This education is the ultimate hair color qualification and rewards our clients with some of the hair industry’s most talented and highly skilled hair colorists.

If you are looking for hair color expertise, enthusiasm and experience – then Split Endz has no equals.  For the best hair color, please call  Split Endz Salon on 610-353-3900.    Like Us on Facebook and Receive Specials  

A great consultation is the key to giving you the ideal hair color, so we take time to guide you through all the color choices, application methods and after-care needs.

Highlights & Lowlights

Hi-lites or Highlights are a great addition to single process color and are an essential tool for the highly-skilled hair color technician. Each Foil is individually placed in you hair with any amount of width and volume, and in an wide range of colors, tones and shades – and the result is unique to you.

A Simple Face Frame Foil with up to 8 to 10  Foils  used in picture are perfect as an introduction to hair color or as an accent in one area (i.e. a fringe or hair-parting). They can be woven or sliced, striking or subtle, depending on the effect you require.  A few foils can also brighten up your existing hair color whether it is a natural shade or pre-colored.

Partial or half head  are incredibly versatile and they can be woven, sliced or whole sections of hair colored intensely, creating the look you desire.

Full head Highlighting – can again be woven or sliced depending on the look you require. It can be as natural or as dramatic as you would. You can add many colors to create a feeling of natural shade variation and it can be as big and bold as your imagination.

Full Head Foil – can be woven or sliced depending on the effect you require. It can be as natural or as bold as you would like it. You can add in as many colors or tones as you’d like.

All Over Hair Color & Root Regrowth

A complete color change can produce dramatic and striking results, or can be used just to cover grey hair, or to enliven your own shade with better hair color intensity, depth and shine.

Hair Color change – is either a permanent or semi permanent hair color that is applied on small sections of your hair. The color change can be in sections, slices or the full head of hair. Starting at the roots, we ensure even and total coverage to give a perfect result. Our hair color chart offers a wide choice of colors, shades and tones.

Regrowth or roots – retouch your full-head color that was previously applied. Not only does it cover natural color regrowth, but it also adds new color depth and shine so that your hair looks in perfect condition.

Bold & Vivid Hair Color

From pastel pinks to vivid violets, we’ve got all the latest fashion-forward hair colors that today’s teens and twenty-somethings are looking for.  These bold color changes may require some double processing and should never be attempted at home.  Seek a hair color professional and you’ll be able to pull off this look and rock your favorite color.

Adding Shine To Hair Color

Hair coloring application has been revolutionized over the past 5 years by new methods and technology. Below are just some of the methods Split Endz Salon uses,  to create incredible color transformations.

“The Shine” is a great way to give your hair masses of healthy shine, and add intensity and depth to your hair color. These semi-permanent hair colors contain bee’s wax for shine and conditioners for health – and are gentle on your hair. They can be used to camouflage grey hair or add color-depth, sheen and vitality to your hair color, whether natural or pre-colored. The Shine will not lighten hair, it adds tone.

Color Correction & Fixing Hair Color Problems

We are experts at correcting those well intended hair color disasters.  This is where our skilled color associates show their depth of learning and experience. If you have a hair color disaster – don’t panic, we have the hair coloring experience and skills to help you.

Changing a hair color is not as simple as applying a new shade to cover the old. If you hair has been colored before, you are likely to have different shades at the tips through sun lightening or repeated washing, there will be root re-growth in your natural hair color, and there may be a build-up of colorant on the mid-lengths that is possibly too dark. Under these circumstances, a change of hair color means dealing with each part of your hair individually, using different techniques, colors, and tones on each hair-section.

Hair color imbalances or shade problems can be as simple as correcting hi-lights that are too orange or removing dark bands where color has been overlapped too many times. At Split Endz Salon this kind of hair color problem is dealt with each and every day.

Correcting hair color disasters – is a specialty at Split Endz Salon in Broomall – and that’s why we are called hair color experts. Normally these complex hair color problems will require removing color from some sections while adding color to others. Your stylist will analyze every part of your hair to assess the exact mix of tones and shades to recreate a great overall hair color.


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