Long blonde curls with lowlights


Cut: This is a great long layered haircut which gives the hair bounce and a side-swept bang.

Long layers provide a nice balance between weight and volume.

Keeping weight in the hair can work for all types of hair whether thick or fine, but in fine hair they keep the hair looking thick and healthy.

Color: This woman’s base color would be considered a medium brown. She has great contrast due to the golden blonde highlights and her medium light brown low lights.

Style: Always begin with using a Color care shampoo and Conditioner, It’s a 10 makes both because when dealing with a newly colored hair, it is vital to use a color preserving shampoo and conditioner.

Before you blow dry the hair use  S Factor tamer and defrizzer.

Then use a large round brush section by section to smooth and add volume.

After the hair is dry use Biosilk finish spray and large round iron to produce the curl and more volume.

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