Emo and Punk Hair

These hair styles go by many names such as Emo, Punk, Hipster, and Rockabilly.

An Emo hairstyle usually comes along with a certain attitude and when someone wants this hairstyle usually the hair sweeps across the face like a sweeping side fringe, and you can keep the layers long or short and texturized (works well with boys and girls).

Punk hairstyles don’t necessarily need a long bang, you can have a short piecey bang instead. Asymmetrical haircuts work as well which means one side is longer then the other.

Girls that want this type of punk haircut usually get the side swept fringe and really short layers but keep the length as long a possible. This gives the look of a lot of volume at the root and really straight on the ends.

You can also express yourself with different colors as well. This type of style is really goofy because many hair colors work with it. For example: Jet black hair, Bleach Blonde hair, and or different colors of the rainbow either all together or just splashes of one color.

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  1. I love the pictures of emo and punk hair but I really need to know where to get my hair cut like in the photos ! They. Are amazing hair styles!

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