Bold Hair Color Transformations

Bold Hair Color Transformations at Split Endz, Broomall

Have you thought about which stunning hair color you will be wearing next? At our hair salon in Broomall we will keep you on point with the hottest hair colors no matter how bold you like to go.  We get a lot of demand for rich red hair, pink ombre, mermaid green, and shadow box blue, so what are you waiting for?

Maybe you'll find your inspiration here from these pics of SplitEndz clients.  When you're ready to go for it and transform your style, give us a call at 610-353-3900.

Rich Red Hair Color & Vivid Violet Tones

Turn your hair into a style statement with a rich red hair color or a deep violet hue. Red hair color can be high maintenance and needs special care and regular touch ups to preserve the intensity of the color. If you're not ready for all-over-red, then think about adding some red highlights. For something warmer and bolder, why not wear a gorgeous shade of auburn, or update your brunette ombre hair with a red that hints at purple.

Ombre Hair Color

If you are ready for something really fun, pink ombre is one of the hottest hair color trends weather you are blonde or brunette. Pink ombre is super feminine and once you decide to go ombre you will never go back!  Check out the hottest red hair color ideas and learn more about our hair color services at Split Endz Hair Salon.

Mermaid Hair Color

Get hair that any mermaid would be proud of! Green hair color is so IN and gorgeous, don’t you just LOVE, LOVE this color and the way it melts from green to teal.  There are lots of ways to go bold with color, so ask your stylist to help you pick a flattering color for your skin tone.  The key to rocking an unusual color is to pick the right one and own it.

Shadow Box Blue Hair Color

What is Shadow Box Hair Color?  It's when a bold color peeks out from under your unsuspecting traditional hair color.  When hair is up, the pop of color will turn heads!  Embrace the summer by turning it up a notch with your hair color! Having some hidden blue hair is a fun, funky way to get out of a hair color rut.  It lets you remain business by day, party girl after hours.

For more on hair color services in Broomall take a look at our hair color at Split Endz Hairdressing in Broomall.

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